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Icewind Dale II

General Information
Icewind Dale II is the sequel to the acclaimed Icewind Dale. It was released in 2002 as the last Infinity Engine game by Black Isle Studios.

It includes the changes made to the game system made by the IWD expansion pack, Heart of Winter, and often refers back to events and people in the previous games. Unlike other Infinity Engine games, however, it is based on the 3rd edition ruleset and as such character creation has far more scope and possibilities for personalisation. Subraces such as tieflings and drow are available with inherent advantages and disadvantages.

Your party starts in the town of Targos, which, after several mini-quests, you must help defend from a vicious goblin invasion. When the town is safe, you then strike out into the wilderness to investigate the cause of the invasion - a band called the Legion of the Chimera hell-bent on conquering the North.

Through numerous areas spanning across Icewind Dale and surrounding areas, you must unravel the mysteries of the Legion of the Chimera, using challenging puzzle-solving and epic battles with a wide range of creatures and monsters. The plot may seem linear to some, but is filled with twists and an ambiguity and mystery that keep the player guessing.

The modding community for IWDII is still going, with bugfixes, tweaks and the huge IWDII NPC Project, which adds in 9 joinable NPCs that interact with the environment and each other, including friendships, romances, banters and more.


Icewind Dale II