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Mass Effect

General Information
Mass Effect is a PC/Xbox 360 CRPG game originally released in 2007 (Xbox 360) and 2008 (PC), developed by Bioware.

Critically acclaimed by players and reviewers alike, Mass Effect gameplay focuses on both combat and dialogue to resolve various situations in the game. Unlike other Bioware games, the combat system is not turn-based, but rather real-time--though players can still pause the game to form strategies and give directions. The player is only in control of him/herself and cannot take direct command over party members, but it is possible to issue orders to them.

Mass Effect has a large variety of side quests, as well as a non-linear main story. You will be accompanied by several NPCs will aid you by using both combat and tech skills, as well as biotics--a natural ability to manipulate energy.

Bioware has planned two sequels for Mass Effect; Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Taking place in the year 2183, Mass Effect is set in our galaxy after humankind has developed technology to travel beyond the solar system. Now, we are trying to make our own place in the galactic community, where other species already have had centuries to establish themselves. The Asari, Turians and Salarians already have representatives on the Council, whose decisions influence a large variety of species and trillions of people.

As Commander Shepard of the Alliance military, you will be the first human to join an elite organization called the Spectres. They are above and beyond the law--and the right hand of the Council. When another Spectre, Saren, has gone rogue and threatens all intelligent life in the galaxy, it is you who must stop him.


Mass Effect