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Planescape: Torment

General Information
Set in Sigil, the City of Doors, Planescape Torment is a Computer Roleplaying Game created by Bioware in 1999, and is said by many to be the best and most immersive roleplaying game of all time. Like the Baldur's Gate series, it uses the D20 turn based combat system and a 2D isometric view.

With a very unconventional approach to the genre, this game breaks many of the traditional RPG cliches: the protagonist is immortal from the start and when he is killed, he wakes up later without any penalties; out of the seven joinable NPCs none is purely human, and each of them has a deeply developed personality and a plenty of dialogue, depending on the protagonist's statistics and choices made during the game.

Sigil is full of strange people and creatures, and it is possible to learn more about them in-game if you ask the right questions. The game combines philosophical concepts with dialogue-heavy gameplay to create a rich environment filled with intrigue. Combat, while necessary at times, is not always the most beneficial or even the easiest route to take: players accustomed to min/maxing attributes in the Baldur's Gate series will get a nasty shock when they discover just how useful intelligence and wisdom are, even for a fighter-focused character.

Emphasis is placed on dialogue with other game characters, and with only a few exceptions, combat can usually be avoided by choosing certain dialogue paths. The storyline is immersive and features a number of plot twists along the way, leading to different endings of the game based on your actions, and multiple optional sidequests which combine for fantastic replayability.

Planescape: Torment places you squarely at the heart of a mystery by beginning play in a mortuary. And not just in a mortuary, either: you've just awoken, and not for the first time, either. Your body tattooed and scarred, you drag yourself to your feet and try, with varying success, to recall details of your life. You are the Nameless One, and it is your job to try to uncover your memories with your present actions. The scars etched into your back tell you to find a man named Pharod, and to avoid dying.

As you journey across the City of Sigil and various Planes throughout the multiverse in search for clues about your immortality, you uncover both the mysterious pasts and foreboding fates of your fellow party members, along with your own.

Though traditionally Planescape: Torment has not been heavily modded, there has recently been revived interest in modding PS:T at least partly due to modder Qwinn's popular PS:T mods, which can be found on the menu to the left, under IE Mods. Visit the links below for more PS:T mods and links.


Planescape: Torment