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This mod offers the player the option to change the paperdolls and inventory icons of Baldur's Gate II to those of Baldur's Gate, and add a number of completely new fixes, additions and alterations to the original BGII game. Technically speaking, One Pixel Productions is an attempt to fix "cosmetic flaws" that should have never made it through QA, as well as improve upon a number of other of things.

The mod contains many components, including:

  • BG1 Paperdoll and inventory item ports, except for potions.
  • BG1 Potion Graphics
  • BG1-style Flaming Swords
  • Flaming Short Swords (with item and mod item patches)
  • New Paperdolls (human, half-orc, elven, halfling, dwarf)
  • Legacy Shields - Bucklers (D1)
  • Legacy Shields - Small Shields (D2)
  • Legacy Shields - Medium Shields (D3)
  • Colourable Quarterstaves (with item patches)

Mod Information

One Pixel Productions

By Erephine

Baldur's Gate II SoA & ToB

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