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BGT v1.13 Released
Saturday, January 21, 2012

This major release overhauls the installation process to minimise dependence on fallible shell scripts and enables installation on Linux systems out of the box. Updates have been made to multiple translations, and the Czech translation has been added. A few new features have been added, including default Baldur’s Gate soundsets, the end of Tales of the Sword Coast screen, and subtitles for the Baldur’s Gate introduction movie. Quite a number of bugs have been fixed.

Important for mega-mod installers: the installation has an extra prompts whether to biff all files or just some. The recommended command line command for auto-installation is now

Setup-BGT.exe --force-install 0 --skip-at-view --language <language> --args-list osp <Baldur's Gate I directory>

Note the added ‘o’ in --arg-list, in order to skip the extra prompt.

Saved games are not compatible with 1.12 and thus a new game is highly recommended.

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