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This mod is a collection of different modifications to the game, ranging from most necessary fixes to blatant cheese; most of these are specifically intended to make the game less frustrating. All components are optional; the installer is WeiDU and uses the most recent coding commands and conventions, allowing it to be compatible with virtually all possible mod combinations.

Components currently included are:

Nature's Beauty Tweak: this component alters the Nature's Beauty spell; so that itÆs blinding effect will only last 8 hours. Combat won't be affected in the slightest; however you can now sleep in order to get rid of the effect (since in some circumstances it doesn't get dispelled correctly).

Imprisonment Fix: this component alter all spells and items which have the imprisoning effect. Now, the imprisoned won't be registered as dead, neither leave the party. This introduces various fixes: - It won't be GAME OVER anymore for Player1, unless you are going solo.
- It won't end yourromance anymore.
- Summons will be destroyed and won't take up their position in the summoning limit.
- Enemies won't be registered as dead, and as such you cannot cheat XP points by imprisoning and freeing them over and over.
- A small cheat will automatically free any imprisoned person once combat is over, making you pay one thousand gold to simulate going to Ribald, buying the scroll, coming back and casting it.

Drop Weapons in Panic Removal: Drop Weapons in Panic is either of mildly annoying or reload-inducing to the player (if you notice it, you grab back your weapon and don't suffer any consequence; if you don't notice it, you lose your weapon almost forever), and game-breaking to your enemies (who won't figure out what happened and fight you bare fisted). With this component, the drop weapons in panic effect is removed altogether from the game, to avoid those side effects.

Unlimited Limited Wish and Wish: this component recodes the Dao/Djiini summoned when you cast those spells, so that they will be neither affected by the summoning limit, nor by Death Spell.

Cheesy Limited Wish and Wish: this component is recommended only if you like cheating and usually reload till you get the option you wanted. When casting those spells, the following cheats take place:
- When casting Limited Wish you'll always get all possibilities listed (irregardless of your Wisdom). However, this won't change the one-time-ness of one-time Wishes.
- When casting Wish, no check will take place (you'll get all possible wish listing, instead of the usual randomly-generated list).

Improved Difficulty System: some mods (including, but not limited to, Ascension, Oversight, Return to Windspear and Ding0's Quest Pack) will make you fight more and smarter enemies according to your difficulty setting. However, these enemies will cheat and inflict double damage. By borrowing a technology originally developed by Return to Windspear, this mod allows you to set your script difficulty setting via a dialogue, without altering the damage output like you would do when using the slidebar.

Mazzy the Paladin

Mazzy's life-long dream was to be a Paladin. She set out to clear the land from all evil and injustice, blessed by her god Arvoreen, who even gifted her with magical weapons and spells. However, since she was not a Human, she could not achieve her dream and achieve true Paladinhood.

Or could she?

Once again, Mazzy is asked to help a troubled town. However, this time it's different. You don't face mindless hordes of rampaging monsters anymore; your foes can be talked to, and you'll never have to raise your sword if you don't want to, and the town could still be saved. Of course, you can still satisfy your bloodlust against adventuring parties, guard patrols, and undead monsters. However, the way you lead your adventures will change the final outcome.

According to how you play the quest Mazzy could lose her actual status (losing her special weapons, abilities, and her kit if you have installed Idobek's NPC Kit), or she could not undergo any change, or, if you solve the quest in a good enough way, she could finally achieve her life-long dream and become a Paladin in name as well as in nature.

Technical notes: the mod uses a WeiDU installer; however the current build is an empty shell. It contains more or less the main structure of the final mod, but is poorly made. Also, a lot of the possibilities are not explored as of now. Finally, there is no additional dialogue apart from the quest. Will you be the daring person who will help me in completing this mod? No technical knowledge required. Send me a pm on the forum.

the bigg Quest Pack

This mod is a smallish pack of small quests or single fights, which are too small to be released as stand-alone mods. Components range from serious to silly and 4th wall breaking, and from strict adherence to the rules to blatant cheating. Since the installer is WeiDU, you can choose to install all or select individual components. Less serious (or cheesier) components are explicitly marked as such in the readme and in the installer.

Components include:

Mprolla, the Spammer: If you didn't get the joke already, then this component isn't probably for you. In any event, this component is inspired by a guy who used to spam and troll on all Infinity Engine Modding Communities until some time ago. In the mod, Mprolla is a 25th level jester who you can find (well) hidden inside Waukeen's Promenade. Upon seeing him, after a cutscene involving him losing his brain, he will begin to taunt you, until he fights you openly. This fight is a pure cheese-fest. All his taunts are actual quotations. Also part of this component is the optional ôMprolla, the Cheaterö: this expands on the component, making the fight harder by adding more cheating.

Large Scale Battle: Amn is besieged by an army of Orcs, and faces defeat due to their overwhelming numbers. The Cowled Wizards and Amnish soldiers need help from experienced adventures to deal a decisive blow to the attacking army. After accepting the quest, you are thrown in an area no larger than the standard ambush ones, but which contains well over one hundred orcs, with more spawning incessantly until you kill their commander. On your side are a few Amnish Soldiers and Cowled Wizards. Who will win?

Stivan the Hunter

Halfling, Fighter/Thief, Chaotic Neutral.
Starting Stats: STR 12 DEX 18 CON 16 INT 8 WIS 10 CHA 8

You meet Stivan in the Bridge District, while he's busy killing seagulls, to avenge his family, who were assassinated by the white, beaked demons. After talking to you for a little while, he asks you to join him in his holy crusade against seagulls, and in exchange he offers to join your party to help with whatever you are going to do.

Once in the party, he will banter extensively with other party members and you. According to how you treat him, his view on the world and people may change, and he may eventually make peace with seagulls, or you can try to redirect his hatred for seagulls towards your enemies. Also his banters and interjections will depend on how he is treated. Finally, he will have some quests, and their plotline will be different according to how are you playing the mod. The quests will have multiple outcomes, which will affect the ending of the mod.

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