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You walk into the Slums District of Athkatla in some faint hopes of making some sense of your current situation as the Child of Bhaal. And this whole Irenicus mess is enough to make your head spin. He took your sister, too. Bastard.

After making your way through some of the darker corners of this section of town, you find an alley you haven't noticed before. Heck, it probably wouldn't have been noticed if you weren't trying to find something like it. You're an adventurer, after all, and you know for a fact you never know what you might find in those out-of-the-ways places.

As it goes, there is something there. Or rather, a someone in a long brown cloak, standing on a slightly elevated wood platform. Why he would be standing here of all places does seem a bit odd, but you gather the general feeling he's probably someone who doesn't feel the need to draw a lot of attention to himself. In a city full of the thieves and other unsavories you've seen, it's not hard to see why.

It's only when he turns to your footsteps as you approach do you notice upon closer inspection the utter lack of any sort of skin coloration on him at all...his skin is ghost white. His pale face is masked by a mesh of stringy, dirty unkempt, long black hair that streams over it showing two rather sunken, distant hazel eyes that don't really seem to be staring at you...but rather through you. His face is such to keep your gaze that you didn't even notice the rather intimidatingly large blade attached to his back...a bastard sword, no doubt, and a longsword sheathed at his left side.

Upon further inquiries, you learn quickly enough that this individual is a mercenary of some sort, and he calls himself simply 'Brythe'. He tells you up front that he is by no means a good person. He speaks of having a long history in prison and being implicated in some rather unspeakable events, murder among them. He surprisingly admits, freely, that he was once a convicted murderer and he did in fact do what they said he did.

This all being said, he says he served his time and now simply wishes to go on with his life. He then makes a rather shocking offer...he offers to join you, making the promise he will never speak until spoken to, he will never force his opinion on you, he will do whatever you ask, whether it be slay a six-year old girl or go charging into a group of beholders. He is a tool...a tool that will never fail to be used for whatever purpose you see fit...and that, in the world of adventuring, is infinitely more valuable than a trusted a trusted friend can betray you. But he, as a tool, has no reason to...because he is not alive...he is, in a way, dead inside. His only request is that you do not ask him about a certain two week period...

This man's name is Brythe...long forgotten by most, he was a Tethyrian and accused of killing over 150 people over the course of two weeks. He rotted in the worst and darkest Tethyrian dungeon for over 63 years. It is two years later...

...and the story is just beginning. Do you trust him? Can you trust him? Can you take him with you? Can you change him? Has he already been changed? Has he not served his time for his crimes? That's a lifetime and a half for most humans in Faerun...Or once a murderer, always a murderer...?

Welcome to the very start of a joint BGII NPC project between myself and SConrad, the story of Rebryth Elameril, known simply to the world at large (for those who know him) as 'Brythe'.

Brythe is a multi-layered, branching male human fighter NPC (dual wields a bastard sword and a longsword) with lots of dialogue options for SoA and ToB for good and neutral NPCs. (Brythe will not join evil NPCs under any circumstances) Brythe will never speak unless spoken to. He will never initiate conversations. If you want him to stop talking to NPCs, he will. He can be a silent warrior the entire game if you want. If you want to talk to Brythe, you have to initiate it. He will never force his opinion on you. He will never leave your party unless you ask him to. Large branching conversations very similar to the romance dialogues.

As a good or neutral Child of Bhaal, you will constantly be wrested with the question of the ramifications of keeping such a wildcard on your party...on what he has done, on what he may do, on what you can discover on him, on what can be changed. Such is the nature of Brythe.

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By Shfelliot and SConrad


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Str: 18
Dex: 17
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 6