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Classic Adventures

This mod is a total conversion.

Classic Adventures will be a compilation of many of the old and some new classic PnP (Pen and Paper) modules. I fully plan to include series like A, D, G, S, and U into this story. There are several newer mods that will also be included into this project just for some variety.

Classic Adventures starts with "The Sunless Citadel" which is a current mod for the d20 System. You will start the game as a level 1 player and work your way through a fortress that years ago was magically pushed into a giant ravine with the hopes of destroying it's evil occupants. You are tasked with creating a party to go down into the ravine and try to purchase a special magical item from a clan of goblins.

The next mod is the start of the classic U series, U1 - The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. This continues with the next two mods in that series, U2 - Danger at Dunwater and U3 - The Final Enemy. For now, the game finishes with a Dragon magazine mod called The Ghost of Mistmoor.

Mod Information

Classic Adventures

By SirBillyBob, Leahnkain and Celestine

BGII SoA & ToB Total Conversion

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