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"Anomen's Bane"

Chloe is a female kensai NPC. She is romanceable by human, elven, and half-elven females (although Imoen must be in the party for the romance to succeed). If the PC is male or not interested in a romance or Chloe is not interested in a romance with the PC and Imoen is in the party, she will romance Imoen. Yes, as you may be pleased or shocked to hear, Chloe is a lesbian romance mod!

Chloe is found in the Air Pocket-Plane in Irenicus' Dungeon (and is not compatible with Dungeon-Be-Gone). She has a big added quest, special abilities, flirts and lovetalks. She banters with every Bioware NPC at least twice. Unlike the Bioware romances, Chloe does not push herself onto you, in absence of rejection. Chloe will only romance a PC that interests her, and the dialogue choice to increase her interest might not always be apparent. She is not guaranteed to remain with the player at the Tree of Life, and may decide that her life is more important than yours!

Chloe grew up near Neverwinter in a small orphanage. She claims to be the bastard offspring of Akadia, goddess of air and speed of movement, and a mortal man. Though she has no proof of her heritage, her supernatural speed and skill certainly give it some credibility. Chloe is driven by some inner urge to improve her skills constantly, spending hours a day practicing whenever she can. You wonder how she manages to fight so well when most would be fatigued from this constant practice, but she simply gives you a friendly smile and says it's simply due to daily practice and not to her divine heritage. She feels a certain kinship to you and Imoen, due to your similar divine parentage.

With any PC there will be a friendly "getting to know you" stage. Most of these discussions will center on the past, divine heritage, and philosophy. Chloe is aggressive, strong-willed, and intelligent. She doesn't believe in good and evil except as excuses for behavior, and she's more than willing to argue those notions. Any fans of the show Andromeda will see influences of the Nietzcheans on her personality. Deep down she's a good person simply because she has no reason not to be and it suits her needs, but don't mistake her generosity for others as being altruistic. Some people won't like her, because of her strong personality and her willingness to make her opinions known, but she's not Jaheira. She won't try to assert her leadership over you. She's more than happy being an advisor, not interested in the leadership role herself. Some players will find themselves frustrated by her lack of strong moral standing and her seemingly conflicting stands on issues. For instance, she might advice the PC to leave Hendek to rot in his cage or even to slaughter him for Lehtinan in the Copper Coronet, but if and once the PC decides to free Hendek she will advise the player to continue the destruction of the slavers by going after the dry-docked slaver ship. The motivation being, if you go to the trouble of doing an action like this that will make enemies, it's best to go ahead and destroy those enemies before they have a chance to destroy you. Players may be frustrated by her advice at times, but it will be consistently motivated by survival and flourishment. In the end, you'll find Chloe to be very charismatic, and reasonably intelligent and an impressive front line fighter. You'll love her, or you'll hate her, but hopefully you'll find her interesting enough to keep around regardless.

Chloe will join the group with her own scimitar and short sword that no one else can use. You can give her other weapons to use, but her own weapons will likely always be the best ones she can use at that point in the game. Her scimitar she received from her mother Akadia (Akadi) and gives various immunities and defensive spell effects. Her short sword she received from Lathandar (Lathander) and it is attuned with the fire element and has various offensive spell abilities. At two points throughout the game (that includes the future ToB portion of the mod) her weapons will be upgraded automatically (no quest needed). Beyond that, find out for yourself!

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By LucytheBeast

Baldur's Gate II SoA

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Str: 13
Dex: 25
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 14