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Check the Bodies

Update! Bugs fixed!

This mod adds: - 525 Items
- 450 Creatures
- 275 Spells
- 160 Areas
- 15 New Areas
- 25 Stores
- 24 Quests
- 11 New Creatures
- 6 New Songs
- 1 New NPC
- 1 New City
- 1 Movie

Quest Notes:
- The "tutorial" area of Candlekeep
- This is the very first thing you'll notice about Check the Bodies. It is not an optional quest, and takes quite some time to complete.
- There are four chores that must be completed each day. At the end of the day, if you've completed the chores, of course there's a nice reward for you.
- Once you've finished with the Candlekeep introduction, things will progress back to the normal BG II introduction and you're on your way to becoming a skilled adventurer.

- Holly The Elf
- Holly the Elf can be found in Athkatla. I believe the title of this quest is "Help Heal Holly", so when we first meet Holly, she's pretty ill.
- To solve this quest, you'll need to travel all over Amn in order to collect the right items. Holly won't tell you where to find things, so it's good to do this quest if you've already meet folks like Nalia, Mazzy, Daleson, and even Ethan. - Ryberg and his Uncle
- Ryberg is in definite need of help, help only a mage can give. So if you've spellcasting ability, it's good to help out Ryberg. Ryberg roams Athkatla, so his appearance differs for everyone. He only asks you to get one thing, but finding that is going to be a difficult task. However, one of CBisson's favorite actors in the entire game will help you out with this quest.

- Fifty Gold Fine For Littering
- If you meet the man who is "littering" in the Umar Hills, perhap's you'll get a simple quest. But he's pretty good at hiding himself, so most of you won't ever meet him.
- The quest itself has been removed, but the Actor is still available to talk to.

- The Marriage of Surayah
- This is a hard quest to get, and one that at this time I think may 'break' a number of other mods (or be broken by other mods). Timing is everything when getting married, so don't be late- or early.
- You'll only be invited to the wedding if Surayah's father doesn't have anything against you or more importantly, your fellow adventurers.

- Feed The Birds
- This is a real short quest.
It starts in one of the new random areas of Athkatla. Even though the game will tell you you've been ambushed, sheathe thoseswords! There aren't any enemies here, just a number of innocents trying to make enough coin to feed their families- young and old.

- Den of Nightly Brawls
- Remember the story of how the Den of Seven Vales was named? Good for you! Now, keep it from being renamed again.

- The Subdual
- Are you an honorable adventurer? Play by the rules? If so, perhaps this quest is for you. If not, don't even bother as you'll probably be fried to a crisp.
It's easy enough: Find Darammareth S'ooloun Crommadar Ammanth Kuleera up in the mountains. Choose your path carefully, and remember what they say about letting sleeping dragons lie.

- Melynda
- Melynda can be found in the Copper Coronet. However, the folks that you have to talk with in order to help her are much more elusive.
As of version 145, there is only a "good" version of this quest. I had intended to make it a good or evil quest, but never did.

- Assassination Attempt I
- This quest is really easy. It's a subquest of the Got Ice? quest, so once you finish that one, you should be able to avoid the assassination without any difficulty.

- Assassination Attempt II
- All you've got to do here is protect the person who is about to be assassinated. I won't tell you who or where, but once you find her, it'll be easy to solve as long as you can keep her alive.

- The Academy of Kuldin
- The Academy of Kuldin, an ancient mage's school far to the south of Amn, is in ruins and is now just a place for medium level adventurer's to explore, get some experience, and perhaps gain some decent equipment.
- As a secure mage's school, finding your way around the tower may be difficult, and in order to access certain parts of the tower, you'll have to puzzle out how to bypass the wards that block passages and rooms.

- Captured!
- This quest will only occur for those of you who choose the 'evil' critical path. Once Bodhi gives you your first task, try and complete it.
- Without giving too much away, I will say that once the Captured! quest starts, you'll have to finish that before continuing with Bodhi's task. Finding the person who was captured will be difficult, or rather, getting to that person, but it can be done, and you'll have to find allies in the City to help you out.

- Of Elves and Artifacts, or The Maltese Artifact.
- Another mage's quest, this one is very randominzed, but will start out if you're travelling in the Bridge District. The first parts of the quest are very self-explainatory, just follow the clues. Once you decide to help out Eleanor, where you can find the mage you're supposed to stop could be in one of three locations. But before you can stop the mage, you'll have to decide what would be the best way to do so.

- Horton Spots A Who
- Horton has a lot of small- I think 9- subquests. They're not really quests, but more of jobs. Pick one you'd like to do, and Horton will tell you exactly what needs to be done. To complete each subquest, you have to give Horton exactly what is required, otherwise it won't be recognized.

- The Ancient Library (not really a quest)
- Again, a mage's quest (gee, I really gave mages a lot of stuff), this is another dungeon. Part of the dungeon area was ripped from IWD II, and I used the crummy method of copy and paste to make the library. It looks a bit off, not quite as good as Hlondeth, but it's a good dungeon. There's also a couple of good books for reading lol..

- "An Unsanctioned Use of Magical Energy"
- This is the start of one of my favorite quests. It's best played by females, but males can do it as well.
- It's a mage's quest, and can only be gotten if you're doing the Planar Sphere quests.
- Once you finish this quest, I seriously suggest you try to find the Cowled who made you do the work and give him a piece of your mind.

- "Spellfire" and "Tis Pity She's A Wench"
- I've always thought the Playhouse was way underdone. (How many of you still have Adventures in Pepperland mod for the Playhouse?) I mean, it's a Playhouse and there's only a single play? Come on... we want more... Yup, so I put in a couple of my own- excuse me- I edited the IE to put on a play based on Spellfire and a sixteenth century Elizabethan drama. You can watch both the plays - as well as the original one - once.

- Civil Disobediance
- This is another straight forward quest, good or evil path. It's a quick one, and takes place in the Government district. Take your pick of how you want to resolve it.

- Death And Taxes
- This is a follow up to the Assassination Attempt II. It'll happen in the city of Athkatla, and unlike the Cowls, there's really no way to get around it. Just a little quest to help out Athkatla earn some money.

- Got Ice?
- Ice in the warmer climes of Amn is hard to come by, and innkeepers pay well for quanities of ice. (That's all I'll say on that matter.)

- The Master Vampire
- Have you killed Bodhi?
- Are you sure that's the end of the vampire threat in Amn?

- Close To Home
- One of the Hlondeth quests, this is a straight forward combat quest. No need to get all confused on how to beat it, just "hold the line" of sorts.

- The Secession
- The second Hlondeth quest, this one is much harder only because you're going to have to meet up with someone in the city who must remain "hidden" from the public eye. He's the leader of an underground movement, fighting against the city government, so has a price on his head. That means getting in contact with him is going to be quite difficult. He isn't found in any one spot, and appears at different places for everyone. But in order to finish the quest, you'll have to meet up with him.

- Once you find the man, it's only a matter of taking part in some basic combat, which of course may have serious consequences for the city of Hlondeth. Good luck!

Class "Super" Quests:
The super quests for each class are all pretty much the same, with slight alterations. Below are the class quest types, along with their starting locations.

- Bards
- The Bard class quest begins, of all places, in the Playhouse.

- Barbarians
- The Barbarian class quest begins on the island of Rauthym (via the docks)

- Druids
- The Druid class quest begins after exiting the Underdark, in a small Druidic Circle.

- Rangers
- The Ranger class quest begins after exiting the Underdark, by a Hunting Lodge.

- Mages
- The Female Mage's class quest begins after the quest "An Unsanctioned Use of Magical Energy".

- The Cowled Wizard who helps you along with this class quest is the one who gave you the aforementioned quest.
- The Male Mage's class quest begins after exiting the Underdark, and can be found by talking with the Elven Mages there.
All the class quests consist of completing a number of tasks for the characters who give you the quest, and upon completion of one task, the characters will help you learn some new stuff. Each task grows more difficult, but the rewards also become better. At the end of the class quest, there is a capital reward, so I'd suggest completing it all the way through.

The Company of Eight
- I made the original Company of Eight mod almost three years ago. That one was a quirky, buggy, piece of trite that actually surprised me. I still get folks who ask me for it, and so, I modified it extensively and made it part of Check the Bodies. Bigger, faster, and harder, join up with the Company as they take on the evil Cult of the Dragon.

- The more members of the Company that you can keep alive, the better you do at the end.

- I was proud of the Company's scripting in the original mod, and I'm proud of the scripting for the new Company. Sit back and watch them for some time, it's an enjoyable show.

- And like I said in the Readme for the original Company of Eight mod, "don't kill Sir John Johns (I mean that you Chaotic Evil Characters! DON'T KILL SIR JOHN JOHNS!)"

- N.B. The Company of Eight does not change the maximum number of party members.

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