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Day 11 of 12: the bigg Mod Updates
Thursday, January 5, 2012

The bigg Tweaks
This mod is a collection of different modifications to the game, ranging from most necessary fixes to blatant cheese; most of these are specifically intended to make the game less frustrating. All components are optional; the installer is WeiDU and uses the most recent coding commands and conventions, allowing it to be compatible with virtually all possible mod combinations.

The Refinements Mod is somewhat of an arrogant project. We feel that many things in the game are somehow misplaced, not detailed enough, not balanced enough, not cool enough, or… you get the picture. So we’ve tried to fix them, with the aim to provide a fitting new standard form for the game. It’s still an evolving work; you never know how many things you may want to refine, given time. It includes: New HLAs Tables for all classes, SwashImoen (turning Imoen into a Swashbuckler/Mage), Shapeshifting fixes, Universal Lesser Mage robes and the Sword Angel kit.

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