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Dark Side of the Sword Coast

This was originally a partial conversion for BG1 - Tales of the Sword Coast. It now uses the WeiDU format, and is a part of the BG Trilogy. New spells, items, 5 major quests, new areas, and 6 new NPCs are available to your party. Most NPCs have quests. Quests include rescuing a child from vampires, saving a town from a dragon, and searching for missing people.

Jetlaya, Half-Elf Cleric, S 16, I 12, W 18, D 17, C 16, Ch 10
Cuchoinneach, Elf Ranger, S 17, I 11, W 16, D 19, C 16, Ch 8
Conchobhair, Human Paladin, S 18/35, I 10, W 16, D 14, C 17, Ch 18
Ferthgil, Dwarf Fighter, S 18/72, I 7, W 12, D 17, C 19, Ch 5
Bub, Human Fighter, S 17, I 10, W 11, D 16, C 14, Ch 13
Keiria, Half-Elf Bard, S 16, I 18, W 12, D 18, C 16, Ch 18
Skeezer, Gnome Illusionist/Thief, S 14, I 19, W 11, D 12, C 12, Ch 10

North Side of the Sword Coast

More spells, items, new areas, and several major quests are all part of this mod. One additional NPC is also available for your party. Quests take you through new areas of the Firewine Bridge, the Field of the Dead, and several new areas around Beregost and Nashkel you didn't know existed! Will, Human Bard, S 17, I 14, W 13, D 14, C 14, Ch 15

Mod Information

Dark/North Side of the Sword Coast

By Sir BillyBob

Baldur's Gate Trilogy

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