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Edwin Romance

Everybody knows Edwin Odesseiron, don't they? The arrogant, insulting, Nether Scroll reading, fireball throwing Red Wizard of Thay is always seeking power and glory. But is that all he is, and all he seeks?

This mod offers the player the chance to get to know everybody's favourite Red Wizard better. You will learn more about his thoughts, hopes and fears, as well as his past, and you will affect his future, one way or another.

While this is a romance mod, you should not expect Edwin to fall into your arms at once. He is still his arrogant, sarcastic self, and you will get plenty of opportunities to insult him right back. Don't worry that this will break the romance - as long as you don't go too far, Edwin will quite enjoy your displays of wit. Play your cards right, and the relationship will eventually become more intimate.

The romance is available for females of all races, with Intelligence of 14 and above. It will carry on from SoA into ToB, and there is one new quest for Edwin in the SoA part, as well as new epilogues. For the male PC, there are some new interactions with Edwina.

Mod Information

Edwin Romance

By Laufey and Dorotea

Baldur's Gate II SoA & ToB

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