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Epic Endeavors

Epic Endeavours is a partial conversion for Baldurs Gate 2 (it also works with Throne of Bhaal installed) in that you will play through a whole adventure without any links to the original game. The mod takes place in a generic fantasy world and is not set in any particular world or setting. Although some areas may appear familiar to the ones in BG2 - SOA, all areas you come across in this mod have been altered (the main reason why you will NO longer be able to start a normal BG2 - SOA game). Many of the creatures have also been altered. Gameplay-wise it will appear to be similar but it should be noted that some areas have a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek flavour (if you are a movie or video game buff you may notice the references). This is not designed to be a hard-core role-playing experience so please understand this now before starting a new game. It was designed to provide gamers something different to the challenges found in Shadows of Amn.

You start the game as a squad leader. You are asked to fulfil a number of missions to weaken the great evil that threatens the world, to recruit allies or defend against attacks from the evil side. You can pick your group, which can be changed from mission to mission, from a variety of characters. All the new creatures and weapons introduced by the mod require a new way of approaching battles. A proper tactic is the only way to defeat your enemies. Do not expect to go straight to the enemy and survive!

If you are looking for a new plot, new monsters, new items or new characters, Epic Endeavours shall not disappoint you.

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Epic Endeavors

By Isaya and Graoumf

Baldur's Gate II SoA & ToB

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