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Fade is a shadow thief, under the employ of Aran Linvail. With her crimson hair, crimson eyes and lashing tail, she is definitely not your regular elf-on-the-street; she is a fey'ri, a part succubus with a temper to match. At first, her reasons for joining the party are unclear - is she a spy? Or something else...

The mod will include:
- SoA romance (ToB is being worked on now).
- Extensive interaction with PC and NPCs.
- Numerous interjections and comments
- In depth PC responses.
- 2 main quests.
- Unique portrait hand drawn by Mistress Elysia and 'baldurized' by Immortality at Sol Ek Sa

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By Mistress Elysia and Silmarien

Baldur's Gate II SoA

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Str: 14
Dex: 19
Con: 10
Int: 16
Wis: 11
Cha: 16