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Hidden Kits

This mod introduces a variety of Hidden Kits that are made available under certain conditions. Typically all of them are obtainable by Dual-Classing at level 12, from either a Fighter, Mage, or Cleric. The amount of XP required to achieve the Hidden Kit is considerable, but so are the advantages gained. Note that certain Basic Stats are still required to successfully Dual-Class.

Apart from a few standard advantages and disadvantages within the Kit itself, most notably present in ALL the Hidden Kits is the ability to Increase your INACTIVE Class by one level every time you level up. This advantage grants players the enjoyment of being able to level up what is effectively a Multi-Class Character at about the rate of a Single-Class Character.

The concept was first applied in the Reaver and brought "live" in this mod. The full breakdown of Hidden Kits is as follows.

  • Spell Steel - Fighter -> Mage
  • Sylvan Warden - Fighter -> Druid
  • Shadow Blade - Fighter -> Thief
  • Eldritch Phantom - Mage -> Thief
  • Prelate - Fighter -> Cleric
  • Archmage - Cleric -> Mage
  • Sylvan Justicar - Cleric -> Ranger

Many of the Kits also have Innate abilities that "bridge" the divide between both their Classes, allowing them to perform some or both functions even more effectively. Most such effects last for a long period of time, and are generally Un-Dispellable ; but without these effects, the Character might be at a disadvantage compared to a Unkitted Character.

Some kits will also work for certain NPCs, after completing specific in-game quests.

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Hidden Kits

By Zyraen

Baldur's Gate II SoA and ToB

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