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IE Modding Digest: Volume XXXV
Monday, April 13, 2009

This is one massive Easter-time update that will fill your wicker basket full of eggs containing little surprises. Spare some time to munch on each one, and don’t forget to send positive and constructive feedback to the budding modification authors.

Dwarves in plain clothing
Paralyse your enemies by picking up Erephine’s next One Pixel Productions animation replacement, Female Dwarves. This cute little pack continues a graphics revolution that will bring a refreshing tear to your eye. And if that isn’t enough, add the in-progress Paperdolls modification, newly featuring the female dwarves’ tough partners in all their flashy apparel. Grab the action figurines here and the dolls here.

One Ring to rule them all
Lord of the Rings fame has made its away into the Forgotten Realms, and what better to introduce the most powerful yet dangerous of all items, The One Ring. But be cautious, you may be blinded with the lust for power that you may become a pawn in Sauron’s quest for domination. Or maybe not, there’s nothing in the readme that suggests it. Still, give it a try here, because it won’t burn if you throw it into the fireplace.

But if the One Ring isn’t enough to transform your world, the Shed offers you a bonus Lord of the Rings Item Pack. This older modification has been updated to version 1.03 with a bug fix and an Italian translation. Still, I’ll market it as a bonus. You can get it here.

Mods in a Shed
One may posit that there are enough modifications to fit into a backyard shed. Well, here are a few that come from the Shed itself. Dubbed ‘micro-mods’, Shed’s Mods features katanas, a lockbox, some funky spells, and novel items. Well, it might even classify as Pandora’s Shed. Discover the hiddden treasures here.

Sniffer dogs to catch those illegal drugs
Hmm, never thought that the Forgotten Realms ever needed customs, although I’m sure that weapons of mass destruction do exist and would propagate more freely than in this world. Nevertheless, Jarno Mikkola offers you Cerberus v0.99, featuring dog servants of the underworld available for hire to suit all your trap detection needs. Leave them a message here and they will reply shortly with a quote.

Old mods go new
The little modifications really are teetering around fanatically this fortnight. We have updates to Adventures in Papperland, Tortured Soul Quest, Blood of the Martyr, Jandor, Ghost, Bag Bonus, Jan’s Alchemy, Demon Summon Ritual, Domains of Dread, Heart of the Wood, Familiar Pack, and Fairy Dragon. Whoa, ain’t that a massive set of updates. These little gems you can find out more about here.

Worship Sune and embrace the fire of love...
with Adul’s implementation of the Heartwarder of Sune Cleric Kit modification. The kit is based upon the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons prestige class, and certainly won’t disappoint you romantics! Read moe about it and download it from here.

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