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The Jerry Zinger Show

The Jerry Zinger show allows the PC and his companions to view (and take part in) the live talk show of Jerry Zinger, well known Amnish celebrity! Shows are daily, and executed largely by cutscenes. The programme is as follows:

- "My ex is an evil mastermind" - (Irenicus, Ellesime)

- "Racial tension" - (Korgan)

- "Leaving with my lover" - (Rumar)

- "Families Reunited" (Aerie)

- No name - (Newb)

- "Knights who wear Lingerie and and the women who love them" - (Keldorn)

- "Latex Gnomes" - (Seifer, SConrad)

- "My husband's mistress" - (Keldorn, Viconia)

- "Who's your daddy?" - (Aerie)

The mod also features unique technology of adding a movie to the game! The Jerry Zinger Show features a brand new area, the studio, which can be accessed from the Den of Seven Vales. Jerry Zinger is voiced, and great care has gone into writing the juicy material!

Mod Information

The Jerry Zinger Show

By Shed, SConrad and others

Baldur's Gate II SoA

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