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Mod for the Wicked

Are you frustrated by the lack of evil roleplaying in BGII? Ever found yourself thinking "Argh... NO! I do not want to save your village, I'm EVIL. Darn game... but where am I supposed to get my xp from?". What about "Can't I become a slaver?", or "I'd like to take smuggle Black Lotus".

Do you want to seek answers to these questions? Do you want to meet like-minded new evil allies? Do you wish you could *really* play evil? Well... the Mod for the Wicked, now revived and extended, is for you.

The Mod for the Wicked will add new evil quests and new evil outcomes to original quests, give more evil dialogue options, and add five evil NPCs! Two of these can be found in Irenicus' dungeon for new evil characters.

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Mod for the Wicked

By Deathsangel and others

Baldur's Gate II SoA & ToB

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