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NPC Interaction Expansion Project

The NPC Interaction Expansion Project attempts to make the Bioware characters more realistic, believable and interesting than they are in the original game, by adding interjections, dialogue, banter and even several friendships.

The Banter Project adds some wonderful banter to the game, but the interactions with the environment and the PC could have been more interesting and numerous in 'canon' (normal) BG2. Several NPCs were also, we felt, very underdeveloped and underrepresented - Nalia, Cernd and Korgan, especially - and so we determined to try to amend this.

The NPC IEP is an ambitious project which we hope will make Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal that much more immersive and interesting.

You can reach IEP's download section by clicking the Download button to the side!

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NPC Interaction Expansion Project

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