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Planescape: Torment Unfinished Business

Planescape: Torment Unfinished Business takes the almost-but-not-quite-finished content that shipped with Black Isle's classic Planescape: Torment CRPG and polishes, bugfixes and finishes it so you can see and enjoy the new content in your game!

We recommend you play PS:T Unfinished Business along with the PS:T Fixpack and Qwinn's PS:T Tweaks. All three mods were developed in tandem and are all authored by Paul Escalona, aka Qwinn.

The key thing to remember with PS:T UB is that the vast bulk of the content of this mod was written and developed by the folks at Black Isle, who created the rest of the game. They did the first 95%, we modders are just doing the last 5% to hook it into the game, so you can expect that the material and dialogues here will be within the spirit and style of the original game. Similarly to the PS:T Fixpack, many of these restorations were originally worked on in a non-WeiDU format by other modders, and they are credited as such in the readme.

Components include:

  • "Restored Able Ponder-Thought Research"
  • "Restored More Morte Mortuary Moments"
  • "Restored Candlestick Quest"
  • "Restored Deionarra's Truth Conversations"
  • "Restored Pendant of Yemeth Quest"
  • "Restored Elyce & Company Quest"
  • "Restored Curst Citizens"
  • "Restored Curst Prisoners"
  • "Restored Carl Parfidor"
  • "Restored Alley of Dangerous Angles Thugs"
  • "Restored Morte & Ingress's Teeth Banter"
  • "Restored Items"
  • "Restored Party Comments and Banters"
  • "Restored Item Cheats"

Click here for a detailed description of each component.

Mod Information

PS:T Unfinished Business

By Qwinn

Planescape: Torment

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