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The Refinements Mod is somewhat of an arrogant project. We feel that many things in the game are somehow misplaced, not detailed enough, not balanced enough, not cool enough, or... you get the picture. So we've tried to fix them, with the aim to provide a fitting new standard form for the game. It's still an evolving work; you never know how many things you may want to refine, given time.

- New HLAs Tables for all classes
Entirely re-designed and re-built HLAs tables for all classes and kits in the game to provide distinctive class specific HLAs.

- "SwashImoen"
Turns Imoen in a Swashbuckler/Mage.

- Shapeshifting fix
Complete fixes for all druids' shapeshifting forms.

- Universal lesser mage robes
This component alters the lesser mage robes to be useable by monks too.

- Sword Angel Kit
A noble fighter, with a focus on "spiritual" abilities and HLAs. If you want to play an extremely good character, and try a new challenge... Not for powergamers!

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By Littiz, T.G.Maestro and the bigg

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