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Return to Trademeet

Return To Trademeet is a large total conversion, adding about 25-30 hours of gameplay. The protagonist is again our Baldur's Gate hero, who is travelling towards his home Candlekeep. The monks sent you a letter asking to reach them as soon as possible. Although the monks didn't want to write about the reason of your call, you feel it's something of extreme importance.

Before long, you arrive at the city of Trademeet with your old companions, your faithful sister, Imoen, and your love (Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia or... Anomen? That is your choice!). You hope to rest a week, and after to continue your journey. But after a conversation with Lord Coprith, the Mayor, you decide to postpone your travel. Trademeet needs you... again! Many challenges lie between you and your destination. Illithids, drow, duergars, yetis and other powerful enemies lurk around every corner. There is no peace for a Bhaalspawn, even after everything you have endured. Candlekeep is still very far away...

During the new adventures you will find new friends, like Gilian (a young amazon, anxious to see the world after her long training), Derek (a quite middle-aged, disappointed ex-soldier, who now focuses his interests towards magic), or Ararin (the first Elven paladin of Amn, and a great fan of you and your deeds). A lot of banters (about one hundred!), interjections and NPC-related quests are here for you!

Obviously RTT doesn't skimp on adding new magic items, kits, spells, etc. What are you waiting for? Download this mod and enjoy!

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Return to Trademeet

By al17

Baldur's Gate II SoA and ToB Total Conversion

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