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Sarevok Romance

Sarevok Anchev has been many things. Once a murderer, deceiver and despised enemy, he has become an unlikely ally to a PC facing an uncertain future. Though many facts about both his past and his former plans are common knowledge, little can be determined about his current motivations now that life has been returned to him. Has death shaken his perceptions, or merely hardened his resolve to ruthlessly seize whatever power he can take for himself? Is it possible for mortal foes to becoming something more than reluctant allies?

The Sarevok Romance for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal adds the chance for some PCs to delve deeper into the life of their former half-brother. The mod focuses on a relationship that is mostly in the hands of the PC, and can range anywhere from a friendship-like companionship, to one of mutual gain, or perhaps something more than either one expect. Sarevok remains true to his character throughout the romance, and though he is not the easiest man to get close to, it is up to the PC to determine if he is worth the effort.

Sarevok can be romanced by human, half-elven and elven PCs with a CHA score higher than 11 and either an INT or a STR score higher than 13. Alignment plays no factor, and Sarevok can be romanced while the PC is in a relationship with another NPC. The mod features two romance paths, flirts, and PC initiated talks to further explore Sarevok's thoughts and past, and contains content for ToB and Watcher's Keep only.

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Sarevok Romance

By Aeryn

Baldur's Gate II: ToB

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Sarevok Romance