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Semi Multi Mod

Through the use of the Teachings of the Lady series of books, any Arcane caster can now learn a limited number of Divine Magic spells, including a spell that turns undead. This means that a large number of semi-multi classes become available.

By bringing in an item, this mod will make available the following Semi-multi-classes:
- Single Class Mage/Cleric (advances as Mage).
- Sorcerer/Cleric (advances as Sorcerer)
- Bard/Cleric (advances as Bard)
- Cleric/Mage/Rogue (advances as Mage/Rogue)
- Fighter/Mage/Cleric (advances as Fighter/Mage, may use Fighter weapons)
- Kitted versions of the above (Wild Mage/Cleric, Blade/Cleric, etc.)
- The Fighter/Mage/Thief/Cleric (Your One Stop Shopping Character Outlet)

Spells Added:
- Mystra's Grace
- Shillelagh
- Aid
- Armor of Faith
- Resist Fire/Cold
- Draw Upon Holy Might
- Remove Paralysis
- Holy Smite
- Cure Serious Wounds
- Defensive Harmony
- Protection from Evil 10ft Radius
- Holy Power
- Lesser Restoration
- Raise Dead
- Chaotic Commands
- Magic Resistance
- Insect Plague
- Righteous Magic
- Blade Barrier
- Physical Mirror
- Fire Storm
- Regeneration
- Greater Restoration
- Creeping Doom
- Bless
- Doom
- Zone of Sweet Air
- Death Ward
- Free Action
- Call Woodland Beings
- Mass Cure
- Heal
- Harm
- Bolt of Glory
- Sunray

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Semi Multi Mod

By BobTokyo and the bigg

Baldur's Gate II SoA and ToB

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