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Yovaneth's Scripts

Once upon a time there was a very clever scripter called Sarkyn... These scripts started life on the old Yahoo Groups as BWScripts, run by Thomas Brooks. Unfortunately they got trolled out of existance and moved to BGScripts, where Sarkyn first devised the gSeries scripts. What was quite so special about them was that he really started to figure out what could and couldn't be done in the way of NPC co-operation and to set threatlevels so that the party would concentrate on the greatest threat first. He also provided auto-healing based on injury and NPC importance.

Unfortunately BGScripts also got trolled out of existance, but not before another scripter called After5CST had taken the original gSeries scripts and trimmed them down into smaller, faster scripts aimed at specific NPCs. These became the sgSeries. After the demise of BGScripts, I gathered all the remaining information I could find on the gSeries and carefully hoarded it. Later, Sarkyn was kind enough to send me all of his remaining scripting snippets and notes and it was then I found out that even if you've never heard of Sarkyn, you've come up against him. Much of his work was incorporated into the final battle against Melissan in The Throne Of Bhaal.

One day I started to play Baldur's Gate and realised I couldn't do without the help of the sgSeries scripts. That started a long road of porting to Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale II. These scripts are not set in stone and, with the exception of Icewind Dale II, are still occasionally worked on. They are not designed to do the fighting for you; they are designed to help keepthe NPCs alive while you're organising the fight or off doing something else.

Please note that different versions of the Infinity Engine have different bugs in them and what works well in one version may not work at all in another. More information can be found in the readmes for each set of scripts.

So with many thanks to Greg Hodgson - a.k.a. Sarkyn - we hope you enjoy the various versions of the Party Co-Operation Scripts.

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