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About Spellhold Studios

Spellhold Studios (SHS) is a modding and gaming community for Computer Role-Playing Games (CRPGs). We host mods and information for a number of computer games, including Baldur's Gate I and II, Neverwinter Nights and Oblivion.

Spellhold Studios was founded in 2005, and has continued to grow and evolve in the years since. SHS now has many thousands of visitors who participate in SHS Forum discussions, download mods to play from the SHS Download Center or find information on the website or the SHS Wiki.

SHS provides many different resources for hosted modders, and also hosts a number of websites. More information about hosting can be found on the hosting page.

SHS accepts donations through PayPal to help cover the cost of the server. Please see this forum thread for more information, and if you are interested in donating, please visit our">donations page.

The SHS Staff is currently led by K'aeloree, who serves as Lead Administrator, together with Administrator Ilmatar. You can reach the staff through the information on the contact page. Feel free to contact any of them for further information about SHS.

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