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The Baldur’s Gate Series is 10 today!
Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Baldur’s Gate Series is 10 today!

A big “Happy Birthday!” goes out to Baldur’s Gate, which was released 10 years ago today, on the 30th of November 1998. Little could they have known that the modding community spawned by that release would still be alive and kickin’ ten years in the future!

So if you have a beverage of some kind, raise your glass and give a toast--to Baldur’s Gate, and to the IE Modding Community!

Cheers, all!

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Gaming News Digest: Volume 1
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Posted by SHS Staff in Gaming News

Hello and welcome to the first ever Gaming News Digest!
I am Kai Hohiro, your gaming news reporter and here I will be covering the latest news of the Games Industry, with a focus on everyone’s favourite genre: RPGs.
Today, in the spirit of the famous christmas story A Christmas Carol, I will present you a MMO announcement of a franchise from the past, a demo release of a game from the present and trailers from games that will be released in a not too distant future!

Might & Magic franchise goes MMO
As one of the most long standing RPG franchises in history, the announcement of a Might & Magic MMO comes with little surprise.  However instead of a RPG, the game will be a browser based version of its strategy offshoot series Heroes of Might & Magic.
Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms will feature the series renown turn based strategy gameplay in a persistent online world, where you pit your kingdom against players from all over the world. The first ever Might & Magic Massively Multiplayer Online Game (short: MMMMOG) is due to launch in spring 2008.

The Witcher demo released
This fall saw the release of CD Project’s PC RPG The Witcher, based on Bioware’s Aurora Engine, which drops you into the boots of professional monster hunter Geralt. Since its release the game has garnered a large amount of positive reviews, critics favourably noting the meaningful consequences the player’s actions have on the game world.
If you’ve been waiting for a chance to get an impression of your own or were wondering how well the game would perform on your system, now’s your chance. A 1.97 GB Demo was recently released that allows you to experience the prologue and the entirety of the games first act.
So grab the demo here, pack your alchemy tools, strap on your silver sword and get ready to explore the gritty fantasy world of The Witcher.

Final Fantasy Media Blowout
While most developers finished their games for a timely Christmas release and are probably enjoying a little peace and quiet over the holidays, the folks at Square Enix appear to be going into overtime, releasing one trailer after another.
Among them is a new trailer for the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. The game will feature the same 3D engine that was used in the Final Fantasy III remake, as well as new content, an extended storyline and voice-overs. You can watch the Japanese trailer of this classic reborn here.

Most notably however is the new trailer of Final Fantasy XIII that effectively blurs the line between CGI and in game graphics. Watch this visually stunning video over at

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