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Day 4 of 12: ToBEx Updated
Thursday, December 29, 2011

TobEx (ToB Extender) is a program written in C++ that modifies the virtual image of the EXE in memory to achieve EXE modifications, which saves hard-coding changes into the EXE file itself. It does this by the DLL injection method.

The advantages of this are that you can modify EXE on the fly, and you do not have to rely on code caves within the EXE to insert new code. Given knowledge of the structures used by the game, it can also help to explore the EXE further, code in new fixes, and introduce new features in the game, such as new effects, script triggers and actions, etc.

This update is TobEx beta 0022, and should be more stable than the previous, updates some translations, removes the need for detoured.dll, and sports one new hack for modders. View a complete list of changes here.

ToBEx is also now on github. You can find the project here.

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