Frequently Asked Questions
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Spellhold Studios
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Q: What is this place? What goes on here?
A: Spellhold Studios (SHS) is a community committed to creating mods for different Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs), including Baldur's Gate II and other games using the Infinity Engine, The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Neverwinter Nights 1 (the Aurora Engine).

Q: So what is a "mod"?
A: "Mod" is short for "modification." This can mean bug-fixing and improving technical gameplay, but these days more often means producing additional game content, which can take many forms: new quests, new items, new meshes or skins, rule changes & tweaks, new non player characters (NPCs) or even entirely new storylines and settings.

Q: Where can I find out about these mods?
A: On the menu to the left, click the section you are interested in, and select mods. The menu should expand to show the selection of completed and in progress mods for the three games we currently host and develop for. Simply click a mod's name to see the general attributes and outline. For further information, you can visit the appropriate mod forum.

Q: So what games do you support?
A: Currently we have sections devoted to modding and support for Infinity Engine games, Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV) and Neverwinter Nights.

Q: Where would be a good place to start if I am interested in learning more about SHS, or just chilling with friends?
A: The section of this FAQ related to the Spellhold Studios site itself - its history, people and layout - can be found below. You will find the SHS news/announcement forum here, or if you are just interested in hanging out then try the Recreation Room.

Q: Do you do anything other than host and support mods?
A: We also have active fanfic, art and play by post forums, and aim to provide help and support for people who play the games as well as those who mod them. Check out the Spellhold Studios specific FAQ below for more info.

Q: Do I need to be a member of SHS to post on the forums?
A: No, although registering will provide you with all the benefits of being able to keep track of threads and friends on the site, as well as the ability to send personal messages to other members. The only forum that does need you to register for permission to post in is the off topic Recreation Room, to avoid bots and spammers. If you do want to register, then follow this link.

Spellhold Studios
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Help and Support

Q: How do I get started with a mod?
A: This might seem to be stating the obvious, but before you think you may have problems, make sure you have read the mod description and the read me. Note that the readme is usually a text or HTML file.

Q: I have read the read me, and am still having a problem installing/running a mod, what do I do?
A: Don't Panic!
Read through the forum of the mod you are having problems with. Scan the headings to see if you can see the problem you're having. If that fails, try a search. Searching for all posts about the mod won't help much. Try to refine your search a little: install error / no music / so-and-so won't move, etc. If you're still having trouble finding what you're looking for then post a topic or PM the mod creator, and they will do their best to help.

Q: I have seen something I don't like. Who should I complain to?
A: As a first point of contact, PM the staff member responsible for moderating and maintaining the particular forum. If you look on the posts you will see a "report" button which should always be the first port of call for complaints. If the problem cannot be resolved between you and the forum moderator, or you aren't pleased with the outcome, then you are welcome to PM a Coordinator or Administrator to deal with the situation - there will always be someone available to help.

Q: Modding sounds scary and complicated. Perhaps I am in the wrong place?
A: Not at all! SHS welcomes everyone - whether you are an experienced modder, someone interested in learning more about modding (we have dedicated Help and Tutorial sections), someone looking for good mods for the games you play... or just someone who likes hanging around with others who are interested in computer roleplaying games.

Q: I just want to download a mod. Where's the link?
A: Take a look at the SHS Download Centre. Other downloads may be available - check the forum or infopage related to the specific mod.

Spellhold Studios
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Spellhold Studios

Q: Who is in charge here?
A: Liam Esler (a.k.a K'aeloree) owns and directs SHS along with his fellow Lead Administrator Sebastian von Conrad (a.k.a. SConrad).

Q: Where can I find more about the reprobates that run this asylum?
A: A list of the forum staff can be found here, all of whom you are invited to PM with any concerns or questions. There is also a thread March4 Web Solutions. The forum software is Invision Power Board, but skinned and modified by March4. The Wiki runs on the excellent MediaWiki engine. Spellhold Studios is hosted by Site5.

Q: Who came up with the name "Spellhold Studios"?
A: The name was originally suggested by previous SHS Staff member Shed, and picked from brainstorming by staff and modders. "Spellhold" itself comes from one of the areas in the "Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn" Infinity Engine game.

Q: I like writing and reading fanfic, can I post my story on your site?
A: Of course you can! We have an active fanfic forum here, and the rules and guidelines for posting fanfic are here. And our Fanfic forum moderators, Shadowhawke and Celestine, are always happy to answer questions about their charge.

Q: I love fantasy art, either drawing or viewing, do you post fan art?
A: We have a forum, Layers of Reality, devoted entirely to Fan Art, and our very own resident artist, Ilmatar, who you can PM with any questions about fantasy art and the forum itself. Before you post, however, we ask that you read these very simple rules.

Q: I've heard that you have "Challenges" for both fanfic and fanart?
A: There are two separate Challenges that we have here at SHS - the Fanart Challenge, run by Ilmatar, and the Fanfic Challenge, run by Celestine and Kellen. The Fanart challenge is Baldur's Gate II centric with a new topic introduced bi-weekly, but the Fanfic challenge is extremely broad, encompassing all manners of games and settings, and has a new topic monthly.

Q: So do you have any forums other than gaming, modding, art and fanfic?
A: Just browse the forums and you will see we have dedicated forums for technical advice, modding news, general discussions, gameplay... the list goes on.

Q: Can you host my mod idea or project? If so, how do I apply?
A: Possibly. Check out our Hosting page here on the website for further information.

Q: Have you got a chatroom?
A: Yes, we have - an IRC room at GameSurge. More information about that channel can be found here.

Q: Have you got an RSS feed?
A: Yes, we have. More information on RSS can be found here.

Spellhold Studios