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NWN Modding Digest: Volume 1
Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello, everyone.

As Ascension64’s news updates for the IE on Mondays, NWN will be getting a biweekly update on Fridays. From mod releases around the works, to updates on those in progress, new patch updates, links to discussion threads of interest, and whatever else I’m inspired to add for news for the NWN series modding scene.

So on to the news.

Old Game, New Game
The Baldur’s Gate Series has been a favorite among many players for years, despite its older graphics and newer computers being capable of much more advanced things. But there are few who believe it’s time to lay these great classics to rest. On the contrary not only are there several thriving communities centered around modifying the games, it seems that the NWN community may just be renewing them. With a prologue and a more developed module out for NWN, and one still being worked on for NWN2. At the moment it has a demo out with plans for far more to be added. Definitely something to keep eyes on.

Under the Works as SHS
As you might have noticed, Legend of the Acefes has been under development here at SHS. Set in the world of Damea (a world created by theacefes) it is a single player module for NWN. Be sure to check out the forums and leave a comment and encouragement.

Recommended Mods (NWN2)
Looking for a new story after trudging through the orignal campaign for time immemorial? Just got down with the coolest mod and want to tell someone? Check out the Mod Reviews thread or the favorites thread.

That’s all for now. Look forward to more in two weeks.

Spellhold Studios News