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NWN Modding Digest: Volume 3
Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wow, two weeks passed already. Sorry for the lateness of the digest. I swear the last time I closed my eyes it was still Wednesday. Anyways, not a lot of flashy stuff this sennight, but still a few neat items.

Interesting Topics on the Forums
What’s Missing in NWN2? Pretty much that. Many have said that NWN2 far outshines the original. Some have said it’s the best rp game in years. However it still had it’s bumps. Discuss them there.
Current Thoughts on MotB Began playing through the MotB campaign, took a Favored soul through the original campaign, or have been dragging around your genasi. Tells us what you think of the expansion, good, bad, or otherwise.

Developer’s Blog
Obsidian has been keeping a developer blog that I’ve missed somehow. The most recent post was the 21st. See the whole thing here, and keep a lookout for more news as it comes along.

A new addition to the News Digest. Each Digest will mention at the bottom what the latest full patch is. For today that is NWN - vs 1.68. NWN2 - vs 1.11.1153

Spellhold Studios News