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Oblivion Modding Digest 1
Wednesday, December 5, 2007

At long last the Oblivion modding news post has arrived. As both Kellen and Ascension64 have explained before (in the NWN and IE sections respectively) this is going to be a bi-weekly post occurring on every other Wednesday. It will cover major mod releases, noteworthy WiP mods, news, and anything else I think of that fits.

WiP mod of the week
This week the WiP mod of the week is FCOM.
This downright amazing mod created by dev_Akm combines 4 of the largest mods for Oblivion and allows them to work together: OOO, MMM, Oblivion Warcry, and Francesco’s Leveled Creatures. All these mods combined make Oblivion a massively different place, adding around 1,300 new weapons, 1,600 new shields and armor, over 1,300 new Creature variants, and over 2,300 new NPCs. It also removes almost all level scaling making for a very challenging experience. Also in preparation for the upcoming 1.0 release Vini has created an amazing trailer for FCOM. The link for this can be found in the FCOM thread linked above. The trailer is very large but well worth every MB.

Released mod of the week
And the winner is...Blue Destiny Armor for Exnems! Created by Lady Blue.
This is a great retexture of the Darkness illusion armor that is (you guessed it) blue. Many thanks to Lady Blue for this great armor. 

Okay since I can’t find any news today the news section will be replaced with a poll. The poll this week will be: “Do you use OOO in your game of Oblivion?”
Please leave your vote in the discussion thread!

Final thought for the day: Why is it that doctors call what they do “practice”? 

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