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Oblivion News Digest 2
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas has come early this year for Oblivion, with plenty of great mods being released these last two weeks, ranging from houses to armor to new races. Not to mention a few Christmas-themed ones.

Mod of the Week
It was very hard to choose this week but at long last I decided on one, Woodland Village by Shezrie (It’s the last one on the page). This Wonderful little town is located on the road between the Imperial city and Skingrad, if you get lost don’t worry. There are signs along the road that will set you on the right path. The village contains 23 buildings including a bakery, an inn, and a buyable house. There are also several stores and houses for all the villagers. There are also two quests for you to do in addition to exploring the town and stocking your home with your loot.

Other Mods I Considered for Mod of the Week

Kendos Demon Consort by Kendo 2
mjy nebinay castle by mjy
Better Cities of BananaSplit by Bananasplit, Reckless, Wolfslady, and Several others

And this last one I just have to include due to the subtlety with which it was suggested to me in the previous discussion thread: Armamentarium for MOBS by herrjork

So see? Be creative about your suggestion and it might just end up in the news.

Modding news

News Item 1
The MORE Homes Challenge over at Oblivion Real Estate has gotten in all their entries and the Judging is about to begin. In total five entries were received so regardless of who wins we are sure to get five amazing new house mods just in time for Christmas. 

News Item 2
Xilverbulet over at the Official Bethesda forums has created an awesome trailer for his mod Midas Magic. The trailer can be viewed here

This weeks poll

How many new characters do you create in an average week?

Be sure to visit the discussion thread and vote. Last week we only had 7 people vote; let’s try and get at least 10 this week.

Final thoughts
Please leave any comments or ideas you have in the discussion thread. Also feel free to suggest news/mod releases for inclusion in the next news post.

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