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SHS forum upgrade, new features and new look
Saturday, January 2, 2010
Posted by K'aeloree in General News

As part of SHS’ 12 Days of Christmas, we decided it was time for us to upgrade our forum software and give our forums a new look. IPB v3 comes with a slew of new and improved features, the most important of which are outlined in the thread below. A quick note is that the sub-forums will once return their vertically-placed selves later in the week. We are still ironing out problems and bugs, so if you find anything strange please report it here!

Download Manager Note
Unfortunately, due to a complication with the Download Manager, SHS’ downloads will not be available for the next few days. My sincere apologies for this, it is the worst possible time for it to happen with 12 days going on! As a result, 12 days is on pause until the DM comes back online. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Check out the new board features and the new look here!

Spellhold Studios News