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From childhood, we see true love portrayed as some grand and poetic sentiment, always constant and enduring, filled with self-sacrifice, bathed in romance, and topped with a bitter-sweet mixture of sorrow and joy.

As it turns out, love is never what you expect it to be. While some may focus on champagne and roses and tragic pasts, this mod strives to show a different side of relationships. Lovers are first and foremost people who trust each other - the dreaded L-word doesn't have to spring from thin air; it can also grow as a natural extension of friendship.

In this mod, the PC will be able to establish a connection with the half-elven thief Miles, though how close they get depends on various interactions. Through player-initiated dialogues and various talks, the PC may inquire about Miles' past or leave it be entirely (he's not the type to monologue, anyway), and as time goes by, they can develop a friendship which may or may not evolve into a closer relationship.

Miles will romance humans, half-elves, and elves; individuals not of extreme alignment (not lawful good or chaotic evil); classes except bards, paladins, and monks; and kits except barbarians, wild mages, berserkers, beast masters, and shapeshifters. Multiple romance paths are possible depending on how the player interacts with Miles; if romance is not applicable or not desired, an equally developed friendship path is available. In addition, this mod features original artwork by Silvi and original music by Vivi.

  • An NPC with which the PC may have either a friendship or romance
  • Other NPCs which complement the main NPC and fit in with the game world
  • Original artwork and music
  • A fearsome encounter with a moose
  • A number of quests which do not necessarily have to do with the NPC and have both serious and light-hearted natures
  • A number of added interactions between the PCs and NPCs, all of which vary greatly in subject matter and mood
  • General contributions to the game universe
  • And a few really bad jokes.

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By Vivian and Silvi


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Str: 14
Dex: 19
Con: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 12
Cha: 10