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Baldur's Gate II Modding

What is a "Mod"?
A mod is an addition or modification to the original game, and can be anything from a new joinable character (NPC), to a new set of quests, or even improved AI for battles.

How can I get mods into my game?
Most mods these days are created and installed by a program called WeiDU. WeiDU allows many mods to be installed at once with a minimum of problems, and is very simple to use. Just click on the "Mod-Setup.exe" file in your game directory to install a mod. You can install as many or as few mods as you would like, as long as they are compatible (see the mod readme for any compatibility issues).

Some mods require installation in a specific order, in which case you should refer to their readmes. One particular type of mod installation, called a "Megamod Install," often includes anywhere from 20-50 different mods; in this case, there is an easy-to-follow "Installation List" available in Megamod Help.

How difficult are they?
This varies wildly depending on the mod itself. Some AI mods, for example, are very difficult - some easier. If you want to find out the general difficulty of a mod, your best bet is to look on its website and readme for further information.

Where can I get them?
There are numerous websites and communities around the internet where you can download mods for the Infinity Engine games, including this very site. Some of the larger modding communities include:

How can I learn to mod?
There are many resources and tutorials available to help teach modding. We suggest you take a look at the above websites for some guides, but some good tutorials for starting are available on the websites listed above.

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