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Infinity Animations

This mod patches Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal to support additional creature and character animations (referred to as 'animation slots' by the community). It also offers a compelling automatised process of making claims for these added game animations, acting as a central hub for anyone who would like to add animation entries to the game without being bogged down by issues of mod conflicts and incompatibilities.

Infinity Animations supports a wide selection of animation types from Baldur's Gate I, Baldur's Gate II and Icewind Dale. As an additional bonus, Baldur's Gate I character animations have been restored in their entirety, and paperdolls have been unlocked for some animations that did not support them previously.

  • Restored Baldur's Gate I character animations
  • Improved paperdoll support for existing animations
  • Add custom game animations for creatures and characters, including dragons
  • Pick from a list of 44 different animation types(some never before seen in the games)
  • Avoid the problems of animation stacking, slot and naming conflicts comfortably from a GUI
  • Watch as the the percentage of free animation entries refuses to go down (:
While the number of supported animations might not be Infinite as the name suggests, it should be sufficiently large to accommodate everyone's present, and in all likelihood future needs. The installer itself contains no game content, being instead just a patch to be applied to the game and a graphical-user-interface utility to handle claims for animation slots.

Visit the InfinityAnimations forum to claim animation entries for your mod!

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Infinity Animations

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