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Return to Windspear

This is a massive new quest back to the Windspear dungeon in ToB to offer more in-depth roleplaying in the BG2 expansion. Garren Windspear has sent a messenger to ask for your help with a matter most dire. The quest involves interaction with the highest members of the Radiant Heart to rescue several known members of the Order from an uncertain fate trapped within the old complex. A new terror has taken up residence within the old passages, and it may be up to you to save us all. The mod will offer many options for any alignment, although the choices you make may not seem openly good or evil. Each choice you make will progress the final outcome to several possible different endings. You will also have options to be truly graphically evil (or good).

The mod contains 26 new areas, thousands of words of new dialog and interjections, new soundset for an undisclosed new NPC, original artwork wallpaper, dozens of new creatures, some new items, cutting-edge scripting, close adherence to AD&D rules (engine permitting), WeiDU installation, TISPack decompression and Biff'ing, etc. Release date still unknown, but work continues.

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Return to Windspear

By Quitch, Cuv and others

Baldur's Gate II SoA and ToB

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