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Mazzy Romance

Mazzy Fentan has been a favourite character of mine for a long time, and I know I am not the only player to be disappointed by the fact she had no romance, or properly developed friendship. In fact, she had very little at all. This mod aims to change all that by making Mazzy romanceable by all male halflings, gnomes and dwarves. She will romance all alignments but if you show that you're evil, she will not tolerate it. This track includes both Mazzy and PC initiated flirts and of course, romance conflict with all three of the Bioware ladies.

This mod will also include a short friendship track for a female PC. This is shown through a series of LoveTalks much like in the male's romance. This track will obviously not involve romance conflict, it is merely so that Mazzy will become more talkative to a female PC.

There are also a few small extras including new quests that take place in new areas, new items and rewards and even a new optional Truesword kit for Mazzy. There are also a few other little surprises - but you'll just have to play it to fin

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Mazzy Romance

By Snowking

Baldur's Gate II SoA & ToB

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