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Imperial Government Project

The Imperial Government project is an attempt to turn the graveyard that is currently the Palace area into a living, breathing centre of diplomacy and parliament, complete with new quests, characters, areas and items.

You can view some more information on the project on it's information page, linked to on the right, which also has a variety of screenshots available to showcase the new areas created.


  • Makes the Palace district a living, breathing goverment center with offices and ministries.
  • Many new NPC's with their own opinions, stories and affairs
  • An elder council that will have a meeting each day/week and discuss the faith of Tamriel
  • A new quest to help the councillors and civil servants for the good of the empire or their own good.
  • Correct lore & information about the situation of the provinces through conversation and quests

Mod Information

Imperial Government Project

By Invader13 and others


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