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Privacy Policy

Registering at the Community Forums
Spellhold Studios requires that you provide some personal information if you register at our community forums as a 'Member.' This personal information could include, but is not limited to, your e-mail address, and personal interests. At your initial registration, you will select a unique "username," which Spellhold Studios will, in turn, issue to you. You will be required to provide this unique "log in" each time you wish to fully access Spellhold's site and services. Your IP address will be logged, both upon registration and also as you send messages and post replies and/or topics.

In order to circumvent the necessity (and inconvenience) of a Member logging in at each and every visit, Spellhold Studios uses cookies on its website. These cookies are a unique identifier that are sent to your Internet browser and then stored on your harddrive. Cookies are harmless to your computer, and they are not used for any other purpose than automatically logging in a Member.

IP addresses
All visits to Spellhold Studios are logged, including all IP addresses accessing any part of the site. This stored information is primarily used for statistical purposes only, in order to compile and report cumulative daily/weekly/monthly/yearly hits, number of unique visitors, Spellhold Studios websites visited, referral agents, bandwidth used, and other site usage factors used by Spellhold Studios' staff to make management decisions regarding the site.

Third party access to private information
Spellhold Studios will not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease, or otherwise transfer any personal information, including e-mail and IP addresses, to any third party. Spellhold Studios may, however, utilize your e-mail address to send official notices to you, and Spellhold Studios will also keep your responses as a matter of the site's official records.

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