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Day 11 of 12: BGT Restored Textscreen Music Updated
Thursday, January 5, 2012

This big modification simply restores, and makes more consistent with the text, the music that is heard during the prologue textscreen and the dream textscreens in Baldur’s Gate or Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Since the music is hard-coded into Baldur’s Gate or Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast, this music was remixed into the narration sounds. Effort has been made to ensure the narration follows the text, so that the narrator does not narrate too far ahead of what the text shows.

Some minor updates, but mainly to prepare for next version of BGT-WeiDU. Please note that the language packs have also been updated by lower casing all the files in the archives (allowing for Linux systems). The contents of the files have not actually changed.

- Fixed a typo that prevented installation in Korean language
- Improved compatiblity on Linux and Macintosh systems
- Updated compatibility for BGT-WeiDU 1.13
- Updated to BiggDU v231

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Day 10 of 12: BGT Tweak Pack Updated
Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Version 10 of Ascension64’s BGT Tweak Pack has been released

This modification is the offspring of existing patches in pre-ZETA versions of Baldur’s Gate Trilogy-WeiDU 0.99. It was decided that tweaks should be separated from fixes in order to keep BGT-WeiDU more faithful to the original Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast. Therefore, this package was borne to address the issues in the original Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast that were thought to be lacking.

- Improved compatibility with Linux systems
- Updated translation: Russian
- New component: Reputation Resets at Beginning of BG2 (from BG2 Tweaks)
- Hooded unarmoured mages and thieves: Renamed, removed thieves part and extended mage part since 1PP: Thieves Galore fixes the thieves part better
- Item BG1-ification: Fixed a bug where Scimitars were made unusable by thieves
- More bandit scalps: Prevented issues with bandits having two scalps

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Day 9 of 12: PS:T UI Mod Updated
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ghostdog has updated his PS:T UI mod, with updated and fully functional Chinese language support, fixed one or two problems and a new feature, full-screen movies!

Ghostdog’s PS:T UI Mod is a User Interface modification which in combination with the bigg’s Widescreen Mod makes any resolution viable for Planescape: Torment by changing a number of things in the UI.

The Widescreen mod works extremely well in Planescape: Torment, but unfortunately when you change the resolution, almost all of the UI elements and game effects are shown in the top-left area since they were set for the original 640x480 game resolution. What this mod does is center all of these elements and enhance the UI with original game art to fit nicely with other resolutions.

Things fixed for new resolutions include many game screens including the Start menu, character creation screens, the journal, inventory, spells and stores among others, as well as a number of other components including the bottom UI bar which has been optimised, tooltips and in-game messages (which now display correctly), the dialogue box, and the worldmap.

The mod is compatible with both 2CD and 4CD versions of the game as well as Qwinn’s PS:T mods.

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Day 8 of 12: Darian ToB Released
Monday, January 2, 2012

Darian has been updated to v2, now including brand new ToB content and crossmod with the Sarah NPC!

Darian is one of the Avariel, the enigmatic and almost extinct winged elves. He has come to Athkatla pursuing rumors that one of his kin is imprisoned in the human city, but things are not as he expects. Darian bears the legacy of thousands of years of hostility and distrust towards the grounded races, but those attitudes may not survive first contact with the people whom the Avariel tell stories of to frighten misbehaving children. For all his faults, xenophobia and arrogance prominent among them, Darian’s fundamental intentions are good and his heart honorable. Cracking his shell will prove difficult, but it may just prove worthwhile. You can find Darian outside the Copper Coronet in the Athkatla Slums.

This mod includes:

  • A romance for eligible females.
  • Player-initiated dialogue and flirting, some restricted to the romantically inclined but some not.
  • Banters with the Bioware NPCs.
  • Numerous interjections and reactions to the world of Baldur’s Gate II.
  • An evolving character who is unlikely to leave the Bhaalspawn’s company the same man who joined it.
  • An original portrait drawn by the very talented Ilmatar.

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Day 7 of 12: BGSpawn Updated
Sunday, January 1, 2012

melkor_morgoth has updated his BGSpawn mod to v1.11!

BGSpawn is a new system that handles the “spawned creatures” appearing in Baldur’s Gate’s areas. The mod changes the random (but fixed) creatures you can find around the Sword Coast (called spawns) with a completely new and more challenging system. In addition, you can also choose the time between re-spawned creatures and later in the install process the Random Encounters you may find when moving between areas. Optionally, you may also install a new creature “Vampiric Wolf Lord” (based on DavidW’s Ulcaster Wolf). BGSpawn is a WeiDU-mod compatible with BGT-WeiDU only.

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