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Xyx's Stuff

Xyx's Stuff is a collection of player scripts and other modifications by Xyx.

xParty Scripts
This sophisticated script automates tedious parts of the game, leaving the cool stuff to the player. Highlights include healing the party at the press of a key, configurable fighting styles, smart use of Stoneskin, Iron Skins and Melf's Minute Meteors, stealth mode, turn undead mode, and automatic trap finding. The full list of hotkeys and their functions is as follows:

  • [S]tyle (change combat style)
  • [E]xorcise (turn undead mode)
  • [V]anish (stealth mode)
  • [F]ix (heal)
  • [N]uke (set traps)
  • [B]edtime (cast long duration spells before resting)

Fighting styles include Soldier, Archer, Guard and Bard. Take a look at thethread for more detailed information.

xMinion Scripts
Summoned creature AI scripts that let them make better use of their abilities.

Several important summoned creatures, including Planetars/Fallen Planetars, demons, devils and nymphs have had their AI considerably improved. These creatures will now attempt to use all their abilities where appropriate, with some thought put into target selection regarding resistances and immunities, and will alternate between spellcasting and attacking for maximum efficiency. The enhancements apply only to creatures controlled by the party; these scripts do not make enemies smarter. For more information, take a look at the thread.

Lilarcor Soundset
A custom soundset created from Lilarcor's lines in BGII. For more information read thisthread.

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Xyx's Stuff

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