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NWN Modding Digest: Volume 2
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hello again, everyone.

Welcome back to the continuing NWN Modding Digest. As before this biweekly Friday update will be focusing on topics of interest around the NWN modding scene, including a romance out, some tales of adventure, and the beginning of something new.

So on to the news.

Romance Is In The Air...
While many a tale of romance tells of a knight in shining armor sweeping a damsel in distress off her feet, few liked the lines of dialog strung together and proclaimed as a Casavir romance that shipped with the original campaign for NWN2. One such player was known as Domi_Ash on SHS, and she was more interested in another character, Bishop. On November 21st Domi_Ash released the Bishop Romance for NWN2. For more information be sure to check out this topic.

Bards Live For These Kinds Of Conflicts
Both NWN and its sequel have at times been put down as boring and uninspiring. Yet two authors of SHS certainly seem to have different thoughts. DalreiDal and Orthodoxia have both set to their hands to fanfiction for the series. The former is author of both
A Spymaster’s Musings, a tale of Aarin Gend and his reflections on a certain hero and Out of the Dark and the Mist, the adventures through the HotU expansion for Aarin’s hero. Orthodoxia, on the other hand, has begun work on the sequel with Silver Shards on the Blue Moonlight, a story of a hero who really doesn’t want to be one.

Kellen’s Chronicles
While not fanfiction I’ve begun a thread that will include my take on the storyline as I venture through NWN2 and its expansion with my Elven rogue Maerdor d’Arthian. Expect pictures of my favorite spots, choices that were intensely difficult, or even just moments that I especially loved. I’ll probably toss up favorite quotes and rants on people that were particularly irking. Go ahead and check it out here if you’d like.

NWN Patch
The last NWN patch 1.69 is now available in beta form. Details of content are available here. There’s a discussion thread on the Bioware forums here. Keep in mind it is beta; if you don’t like beta, don’t use it.

See you again soon.

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